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Corporate Profile

GlobalTop Technology Inc., a subsidiary of Taiwan’s listed company TSMC group (Taiwan Styrene Monomer Corp. , www.smct.com.tw), was founded in 2006 and located at the prestigious Tainan Science Park in southern Taiwan. 

In 2011, the Applied Materials Business Unit was officially established as a second BU of GlobalTop Technology Inc.

The Applied Materials Business Unit Specializes in R&D level consulting as well as in sourcing and distribution of advanced materials, such as high thermal conductivity materials, advanced organic fluorinated polymer, and upcoming newest materials; with the applications in automotive, consumer and industrial electronics, emerging applications in LED lighting as well as semiconductor/military and medical special coating industry.


About AlN (Aluminum Nitride) powder business

GlobalTop Technology Inc. – Applied Materials Business Unit has brought worldwide clients for Thrutek AlN powder series many years.  GlobalTop’s Applied Materials works globally, with business operations in Japan, Korea, China, Europe and USA as well.

In 2014,  GlobalTop Technology Inc.– Applied Materials Business Unit officially became the sole agent of Thrutek Applied Materials Co., Ltd. due to acknowledgement of Gtop’s professional sales and marketing track record and their capability to provide efficient support services.

Thrutek Applied Materials Co., Ltd. based in south of Taiwan is one of the leading AlN powder manufacturers, and has been aiming for the highest in technology and for the best in quality since 2005. Proprietary facilities enable continuous production mode for AlN powder synthesis process with the capacity of weekly tonnage volumes.

Thrutek’s experienced R&D team with advanced instruments has maintained the best material quality in thermal conductivity and particle size, providing a total solution service to fit the requirement of clients.

About Parylene AF-4 material

GlobalTop Technology - Materials has been the sole agent for Yuan-Shin Materials Technology’s Parylene AF4, an organic fluoridated polymer with many innovative international patent holdings. In addition to advanced coating, Parylene AF4 has been used to protect outdoor 
LED displays and lighting from water, salt and pollutants successfully. The aliphatic fluorinated Parylene AF4 organic film has also been selected and applied in semiconductor 3D IC CIS TSV insulation layer process, AMOLED debonding layer DBL, barrier layer, encapsulation and Bio-MEMS, military, medical special surface coating because of its exceptionally dielectric strength, high temperature oxidation stability (350 oC), UV resistance, low K, low coefficient of friction and low dissipation factor.

Material science and technology has become a vital discipline to improve human life during last decade. With advancement of emerging materials, GlobalTop Technology – Materials in Taiwan will pursue the best material solution and supply the newest and sleekest type of materials to serve our clients’ need.

We sincerely hope to work with you in the soonest future.

We are located at the prestigious Tainan Science Park in southern Taiwan, including a new 4,500 square meter manufacturing facility and nearly 60 employees.

Add:No.1, East 15th, St., K.E.P.Z. 80681 Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C.