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Parylene-Dimer AF4 (CAS No 3345-29-7)

  • Aliphatic Parylen AF4 Dimer (CAS No. 3345 - 29 - 7)


Aliphatic Parylen AF4 Dimer


(CAS # 3345 - 29 - 7)


YSMTC aliphatic  Parylen AF4 dimer AF4-EP/AF4-GR, one kind of organic fluoridated polymer,the state-of-art commercially volume available variant of Parylene, is extremely useful in high temperature applications and those in which long-term UV stability is required. Parylen AF4 also has the lowest coefficient of friction and dielectric constant and the highest penetrating ability of the four Parylene variants.  


YSMTC aliphatic Parylen AF4 dimer  AF4-EP  is 99.5% high pure grade, the purest available, resulting in a more truly conformal coating and consequent quality properties. Parylen AF4 film is deposited in a molecule by molecule polymer process, with no cure-related stress that can occur with liquid polymers.

Innovative development of advanced materials Parylen AF4 which is ideal for LEDs and outdoor electronics. Also, AF4 material is leading to new breakthroughs in application such as biotechnology , from microfluidics to DNA micro arrays. 

With thanks to this access avaiability of rare and valuable Parylen AF4 precursor, more business developments become possible and  could be  expected with GlobalTop-Materials Parylen AF4 dimmer solution . 

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Chemical Name (CAS#)




Parylen AF4          (Extra Pure)

CAS: 3345-29-7


99.5% min.

  1. Chlorine, Bromine content: free
  2. Color: White


Parylen AF4 (Guaranteed Reagent)

CAS: 3345-29-7

99.0% min.

  1. Chlorine, Bromine content: free
  2. Color: White



Properties of YSMTC Aliphatic  Parylen AF4 Dimer ,organic fluoridated polymer

Chemical Name

1, 1, 2, 2, 9, 9, 10, 10-Octafluoro-(2,2)-Paracyclophane





Molecular Structure

as below

Molecular Weight

352.22 g/mole

Melting Point

249.5 ℃


1.47g/cm @20 ℃

Purity Wt%

99 % minimum (contact us for COA )

Polymerization Process


AF4 dimmer formula

Exceptional Characteristics of parylene AF4, organic fluoridated polymer

  • Specialties
    •  Unmatched UV stability
    •  Excellent Thermal Stability at High Service Temperature (long term  350 ℃, short term 450 ℃)
    •  Excellent Oxidation stability 
    •  Anti-salt fog
    •  Anti-stickion
    •  Anti-galling
    •  Low Water Absorption ,Hydrophobic Properties
    •  Completely Conformal Coating
    •  Superior Crevice Penetration , Pin Hole Free
    •  Moisture/Chemical  Barrier Properties
    •  Chemical insolubility  and Solvent Resistant
    •  Low Gas Permeability(Low Oxygen TR,Low WVTR ), extreme low out-gassing

  • Physical & Mechanical Properties
    •  Lightweight and Ultra-thin
    •  Low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)
    •  Lowest Coefficient of Friction , Good Dry Lubricity , Anti- stick
    •  Abrasion Resistance
    •  Stabilization of  Components and Structures
    •  Particulate  Immobilization   
  • Electrical Properties
    •  Electrical insulation
    •  High Dielectric Strength, High Volume Resistivity ,Surface Resistivity
    •  Low Dissipation Factor
    •  Low Dielectric Constant

  • Biocompatibility and Bio-stability
    •  USP Class VI
    •  Bio reliability
    •  Microorganism resistance 


Application Industries of parylene AF4 film,organic fluoridated polymer

  •  Aerospace
  •  Military
  •  Electronic
  •  Medical Coating~ reusable sterlization medicla device, e.g. electrosurgical tool devices
  •  Industrial  ~Lithium Battery Separator material (MDT improvement) 
  •  Bio-MEMS

New material promised solutions in Semiconductor/Panel  applications

  • 3D IC CIS TSV electrical insulation layer   

  • Flexible AMOLED  DBL (De-Bonding Layer)  

  • Flexible AMOLED  Moisture/Oxygen Organic  Barrier layer 

  • Flexible AMOLED  Cathode Metal Encapsulation

  • Electret material of Energy Harvest Power Generator 

  • EWD (Electro Wetting Device) Liquid Lens Dielectric /Hydrophobic purposes 



Crevice Penetration

UV resistance


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