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AlN-AF grade
AlN-AF Aluminum Nitride powder grade
AlN-AF aluminum nitride powder grade is the grade with high purity and without surface modification for special application which low iron content is required.
Customized size distribution for specific applications is welcomed.
AlN-AF Applications: 

 •  Aluminum nitride substrate

 •  FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad Laminate) Thermal & Dielectric filler 

 •  Epoxy molding compound (EMC) additives

 •  MCPCB thermal and dielectric  filler

 •  TIM, Thermal interface materials (thermal grease, thermal tape, thermal adhesive)

 •  Microwave Components

 •  Other thermal management solutions

AlN-AF powder Features:

 •  Sharp size distribution

 •  Good dispersion

 •  Low metal impurities

 •  Low oxygen contents

 •  Low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)

 •  Diversity in size ( 2 µm - 30 µm )

 •  Custom size option available

AlN-AF Powder grade:

 AlN 020AF --  2 µm @ D50

 AlN 050AF --  5 µm @ D50

 AlN 100AF -- 10µm @ D50

 AlN 200AF -- 20µm @ D50

 AlN 300AF -- 30µm @ D50


AlN-AF powder package:

• 1kg in plastic bottle evacuating air then filling N2.

• 20kg in plastic pail evacuating air then filling N2.


AlN-AF powder Capacity:    
Continuous production capability in weekly tonnage quantity
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